Green Experience для Виноградников и Фруктовых Садов

Technology to produce prestressed poles for agriculture, fencing, greenhouses, irrigation and solar panel.We can produce all kind of piles.

With our Forty-year Experience in the production of prestressed pole systems we offer a complete and specialized technology line for production of prestressed poles for orchards and vineyards:
Design, construction and assembly of the plant
Preliminary advice free of charge to define better installation to be realized
Indications on complementary equipment free of charge
Advice on concrete free of charge to guarantee the quality of the products
Start of production on request with one our technician
Set-up of orchards on request with one our technician
Complete technical and economic satisfaction

Contec prestressed pole system

Contec prestressed poles

The poles chosen measures on the basis of the type of use (vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, central or lateral poles) are generally the following:
6×6 — 7×8 — 8×8,5 — 9×9,5 — 10×12 (base x height).
The metal reinforcement essentially consists in 4, 6 or even 8 plaits of wire triads made of spring steel with 2.25mm diameter (type 3×2.25mm) or 2.4mm (type 3×2.4mm).

We have already produced:

34 formworks for poles

75 m medium length of formworks

92.000 m of channels

1214 channels quantity

Our Technology

Electric Winch
to pulling mobile heads, vibrating screed and plate-guide bar

Bear-loading trolley for Coils Ø 70cm
to supporting and unwinding the strand coils

Vibrating Screed for smoothing with plait-guide bar
to concrete leveling and compacting

Electro-Hydraulic Bucket
to concrete distribution

Hydraulic anchoring System
for Prestressing and Detensioning

Hydraulic power unit
to control the jacks movement of the anchoring system

Electric rewind Trolley
to unwind and rewind the insulating covering sheet for the line

Lifting electric rewind machine
to unwind and rewind the insulating covering sheet for the line

Smoother machine
to smooth the surface and round the edge of the poles

Demoulding and cutting machine
to Lift and Cutting the prestressed poles

Scraping and Cleaning machine
to formwork mechanically cleaning and washing by water after use

Drying / oiling machine
To Drying and oiling the formworks after wash

Brushing Machine
To brush the formwork channels after use

TDS distributor
It allows distribute effectively / vibrate and smooth the concrete on truck

Contec Pushing Strand Machine Duct, Roller conveyor and automated shear

Set-up Plants