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Prefabrication Technology at its best

The Prefabrication has rationalised and accelerated construction processes in infrastructure realization and in industrial and residential construction.

The Prestressing is the best technique to optimize the use of concrete in prefabricated elements and to ensure the best performances.

In both fields the quality of results is closely linked to the quality of adopted technologies, to experience, to continuous research, to innovation and to experimentation with materials. The best producers of prefabricated and prestressing evolve their operational decisions in close collaboration with consultants and experts and qualified suppliers.

With experience dating back to 1968, the founders of CONTECsrl,  now partners of CT-Group, have consistently provided their customers a specific technical advice, the study of new and optimal technologies and the implementation of advanced equipment that can ensure maximum profitability for the user.

When Prefabrication and Prestressing call, CONTECsrl gives the best answers and provide the right solutions with its technical and operational staff of proven experience and professionalism.

Now with CT-Group, operating range grows and evolves to meet every needs and solve every problem.

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From the left: Giorgio Tonin, technical Manager; Fabrizio Raccanello, president; Silvano Baccega, service manager.